Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) Broke My Heart.

RDJ has gotten significantly breath takingly more attractive as he ages. I don't know if Its just me and my preference for older men, but god I want to run my fingers through his salt and pepper hair. He is the perfect man for me.

I was busying myself around at work the other day , faxing some papers and chatting with one of my coworkers casually about movies. He mentioned RDJ and my knees buckled as I confessed to my coworker how much I adored the man. Then without warning , this comment was made.

"Yeah I saw him at House of Blues in Las Vegas, he is so short! I would say he is about 5'2''"

I spun on my heels . I needed to look the accuser in the eye at that moment. My heart sank , my loins went cold. My dreams of standing on my toes in a feverish RDJ kiss suddenly dissolved in my mind. Replaced by me carrying him around in a baby backpack.

I know I know many actors that seem tall on screen are in fact dwarfs in real life, but not my RDJ not him. Lord just give me this one thing. I am in love with a tiny man. A tiny man that in heels I would tower over. A man I would have to get on one knee to converse with. This changes everything and taints my fantasies of ever reproducing with him.

After weeks of depression I have come to this conclusion. Robert, I still love you even though we would have to shop at baby gap for the suit you would wear when you marry me. Hey , we are all the same height when laying down.
much love,