Monday, April 4, 2011

Love in Earthquake Weather

I’ve written enough about ruined lovers
I’ve talked too much of things slipping through fingers
Painted desire on this visceral canvas again and again just to
See it all melt down into something I no longer recognize
Something I can no longer relate to
Rage and clinging and longing and fighting for things I have given up on over and over
I have woken up in pools of shallow flesh and returned to your emotional deserts

Wait until the sun goes down this last time
When a cool breeze exhausts this flame but keeps it smoldering
I can hear all of the cars whisk by. Feel the heat of their engines
I can hear kids play solitary after school games as they wait for their dinner

Things are calm for now
But under it all there is desperation
Building up under layers of dusk after dusk
Dusks after days so hot you can smell the asphalt
Hot days after a winter that lasted too long
Makes people pack their cars with maps and good walking shoes
Blinding days turn into iridescent nights
Nights when you kick all of the blankets off the bed and flip your pillow again and again
When the bedroom turns blue with implied sunrise
I see you glowing with sleep and your dreams reaching out for me

This is earthquake weather
These are the parts that ill take for granted, cling to feverishly
These are the images that my mind recreates
But this time sprinkled with the pain of time that passes too quickly
So quickly you begin to doubt it ever took place

 In an instant it has all collapsed
The devastation of love does not equate to the actual act
It is not worth it when in the end no one can be saved.