Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Story of Us-- Something I wrote in my humanities class :)

Story if Us
Together, we created a world of destruction, you and me.
Built out of never wanting to fail
Our little dark house, dressed in grey
Filled with the ghosts of neglected houseplants
Filled with things that were yours and mine but never ours
Things that has seen the inside of suitcases
Been thrown from windows at 2 am
Broken and repaired and broken again
Placed back on shelves, never quite sitting the same. 
Hung back in closets overflowing with good intentions. 

Fading like a scar, healed but never gone. 
Memories frozen in flesh
They tell a story of how hard we tried
Draw a map to all of our soft spots
Places we cover with extra layers
Places we try to hide

One still night, when the wind could moan no more, we died
Gently rocking in deaths boney arms, we gave in. 
Both frozen in the winter of never wanting to change

Spring came after death was nothing new
We stepped out with new skin and long hair
Blinking eyes no longer liquid
Reborn as just patches of glare

Together we are like seedlings wrapped in fertile soil

Sprouting from the warm ashes of what we used to be.

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